Property Investment

Posted On Oct 24, 2020

With specialists working across all property sectors, RECAP is able to advise all types of client on investment opportunities in all corners of the globe.

Whether it concerns an office, shopping centre, cinema, hospital or residential property, we have an expert who can help with your investment needs, whatever stage you’re at.

Our expertise is further reinforced by a market-leading research team that draws from data and trends to support all projects and decisions across residential and commercial property. Combined with our market intelligence we have the capability to provide detailed due diligence for sales and acquisitions, including the provision of valuation advice.

RECAP has a niche strategy that has been developed to our Investors. This strategy has served our Customers and continues to be the foundation of our business model… 

Buying/selling turn-key Investment Property in established "A" or "B" Class properties just isn’t profitable enough. The returns are in the single-digit range and are price prohibitive to purchase. Expenses are higher, profits are lower, which is a bad equation for success for a Real Estate Investor. Further, and perhaps most concerning, the potential for appreciation in these types of properties is much lower.

We deliver outstanding results by ensuring every issue influencing investment performance is properly managed.

We work with multi-let commercial property investments. There are good reasons for that.

- Identifying an opportunity for investment

- Carrying out business and site research

- Evaluating strategy, business plan and ROI

- Closing a deal for the investment

- Managing the sites and stakeholder relationships

- Optimizing financial accounts and transactions

- Marketing the property and ensuring marketability

- Analyzing the market and tracking compliance


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