Business plan consulting

Posted On Oct 24, 2020

To expand your business, be more competitive and achieve certain goals, you need a business plan!

Whether you've just started out or been running for years, RECAP business planning and consultation is the key to your success.

RECAP  Business Plan steps  :

1-Business Strategy 

Industry analysis Develop a vision statement 

Develop a mission statement

Develop Core Value


Identify strategic objectives

Action/Tactical Plans

Develop USP 


2-Marketing Plan 

Market Segmentation Strategy

Targeting Strategy

Positioning Strategy

Branding Strategy 

Promotion and Advertising Strategy

ATL/BTL Media Plan

Online presence Actions 


3-Sales Plan 

Sales Strategy 

Service Strategy (Primary, Resale, Commercial, 


Sales Channels analysis 

Sales Forecasts 

Sales Target 

Sales KPIs 

Commission Structure 


4-HR Plan 


Training and developing employee

Performance management

VBO (value basic organization) 


5-Operation Plan 

Clear objectives 

Activities to be delivered 

Quality standards 

Desired outcomes 

Staffing and resource requirements 

Implementation timetables 

A process for monitoring progress 


6-Budget Exercise 

Determination of headcount and human resource required 

Cost optimization analysis 

Revenue Optimization 


Cash flow analysis 

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