Business need assessment

Posted On Oct 24, 2020

A needs assessment is a part of planning processes, often used for improvement in individuals, education/training, organizations, or communities. It can refine and improve a product such as a training or service a client receives. It can be an effective tool to clarify problems and identify appropriate interventions or solutions. By clearly identifying the problem, finite resources can be directed towards developing and implementing a feasible and applicable solution. Gathering appropriate and sufficient data informs the process of developing an effective product that will address the groups needs and wants. Needs assessments are only effective when they are ends-focused and provide concrete evidence that can be used to determine which of the possible means-to-the-ends are most effective and efficient for achieving the desired results.

Needs assessments can help improve the quality of policy or program decisions thus leading to improvements in performance and the accomplishment of desired results. Improving results that is, moving from current to desired performance is typically a worthwhile and valuable effort. The results of a needs assessment will guide subsequent decisions including the design, implementation, and evaluation of projects and programs that will lead to achieving desired results.

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