Resources Outsourcing

Posted On Oct 31, 2020

Generally speaking, Human Resources (HR)deals with anything and everything that has to do with people in a company. Unfortunately, this mindset can result in the HR department managing a lot of tasks that take time and energy away from the HR activities that provide the most strategic value to the company.

For instance, an HR function like talent development is critical for a company to identify and groom its future leaders.

However, payroll is a more process-driven task that can be outsourced effectively, thereby freeing up HR’s time for the company’s mission-critical HR needs.

It’s a matter of identifying which tasks HR should focus on to most effectively advance the company’s mission and delegating the rest to responsible outside service providers.

The outsourcing of HR has accelerated over the last decade and will continue to do so. Outsourcing allows companies to offload work that isn't part of their core business and it also saves money, she said. While some companies may entrust their HR needs to a single outside firm, it’s more common to parcel out functions to a range of outside providers.

So RECAP provide resource outsourcing by:

  • Identify Key HR Initiatives
  • Consider Which Functions Can Be Outsourced
  • Create a Team of Internal and External Specialists
  • Find a Trusted Partner—or Partners
  • Explore a Plug-and-Play Solution
  • Consider a Complete Outsourcing of HR

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