RECAP Real Estate Franchise

Posted On Oct 31, 2020

RECAP offers Real Estate brokerage companies to build a franchise system based on the principle of collaboration- the idea that by working together and helping one another, a stronger community of real estate professionals could be built. Each RECAP office helps strengthen the communities where they work and practice real estate.

Business Model:

RECAP provide the real estate business model to expand your business, be more competitive and achieve certain goals, When setting your own objectives and defining how to handle everything in your business, you will find RECAP with you through it all.

As a franchise owner, you will get an aggressive support that will help you staying at the top in your market.

RECAP Training:  

Staying up to date  in today’s market and remaining at the top of today’s business landscape, quality education is well needed.

Hence, RECAP is offering brokers business development programs. By attending any of these classes, an edge in your recruiting efforts will be given to you besides helping you in brokers’ attraction.


The strong of Brand of RECAP helps you to recruit the best of class Sales

As our main objective is helping you in achieving success, RECAP always got you, because when you are armed with success, your agents will be too! We give extensive franchise support in everything, starting from individual, retention resources categorically created for brokers to hands-on training on powerful recruiting.

Marketing & Advertising:

Let your name be known! By using the ATL and BTL tools, people will be exposed to your brand name through prints, digital and social media activities. This will help in creating brand awareness, powerful presence in customer space and notably industry recognition.


RECAP support with CRM system that helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. Since customer loyalty and revenue are both qualities that affect a company's revenue, CRM is a management strategy that results in increased profits for a business.

Real Estate Wallet:

RECAP support each sub franchise with full Real Estate Investment Models in how to create Real Estate Wallet.

Real estate investment is a good option to generate nearly tax-free passive income. Plus, it also provide cash flow for retirement.


With regular improvements and continuous progress, RECAP is the home of motivated agents who are seeking success.

Motivated agents who are focused on their success are drawn to the RECAP brand.

And when continuous improvement shapes the heart of a culture, excellence often follows.

Great people, great attitudes and great results. It’s a compelling combination.

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