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Posted On Oct 25, 2020

Real estate digital marketing possesses its own unique challenges to overcome in the Egyptian market. However, in 2018, 48% of the street billboards were marketing for real estate projects and the rest of the billboards were for other industries.

In real estate industry studies shows that more than 90% of consumers are browsing before sell, buy or rent a property, whether you are a digital marketer or sales agent competition is accessing these audiences. Recently, real estate brokers become more accessible to marketing tools that made the real estate market changes more highly competitive. However, the developers’ turnover increases comparing to the last period. The market shows several investment opportunities in many areas like new capital, mostakbal city, new Aswan, new Alamein, new Mansoura. 


Digital Platform Analysis

As a real estate marketer works in the Egyptian market, Facebook will be the main channel that you are working on, and the other channels priorities will become less important. However, if we compared the digital tools traffic and Facebook has 37M Egyptian users comparing to Google has 20M users. Although, other platforms users show less. According to statista.com the number of active users on the digital media is the following:

LinkedIn has active 4M Egyptian users.

Instagram has active 2.7M Egyptian users.

Twitter has active 1.9M Egyptian users.

Other platforms used in Egypt in the real estate industry like OLX, Aqarmap and Property finder has less traffic comparing to the Facebook channel. In result, marketers and advertising agencies have become facing a real competition regarding their solid knowledge in the real estate market, real estate projects, timing to boost a campaign, and set yearly planning. 


Consumer behaviour through digital platforms, what kind of content is most engaging?

Regarding the digital platform's algorithms, there is different ad content and medium that has high engagement with the target audience differ among photos and videos. However, consumer expectations become even higher that result in engaging most with the real properties that ready to move or will deliver soon. Although, they mostly engage with the lifestyle community in the compound projects. Mostly appear in the second home projects especially after the resale to ensure the maintenance and compound facilities will serve the owner after buying. 

On the other hand, ads that showing 3D samples of properties have less engaging content comparing to the real properties because of the competition between some unknown developers in the same areas promise to deliver after 3 or 4 years.

In addition, consumers become more aware of the real estate investing leverage and investment funds that results in expanding in investing in commercial properties especially 


Real estate and Digital should consider:

  • Full detailed information and clear content in the content of the ad.
  • Real videos show properties and developers projects.
  • Integrate social channels with digital channels to increase traffic.
  • Set an objective to reach and expand more clients in the market.
  • Expand and avoid narrowing targeting.
  • Generate leads within more than one channel.
  • Rely on the storytelling in the new projects that have different aspects of investment like New Capital.
  • Integrate the sales and marketing message through all platforms.


Better to start your digital plan

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