5 sales skills to your success in real estate

Posted On Oct 25, 2020

The recent period many candidates have left their industry shifting to real estate sales as they have become interested in exploring the sales career of real estate. They show a fast-paced, exciting line of work that gets them achieving their target and making them more serious through dealing with money – many times after looking at just three projects.


It’s true that the real estate career is the career that is never dying and absolutely exciting. However, as we all know, the reality in the Egyptian market of day-to-day experiences is changing like a wave, and to be a real estate sales in the Egyptian industry you have to develop your sales skills behind get updated with the market knowledge e.g. (developer history, meter price, competitive advantage, market demand, market season, etc.). Here’s somewhat you can expect to develop to become a real estate agent.


Develop expert communicating skills.  Every client has a different way of being touch. Texting, SMS, mail, meeting, text someone of this family, and whatever it is, once you know the effective way to communicate with your client you will get fast action through his final decision. When it comes to real estate, you have to make sure when it comes to getting touch there is some processes involved in the communication process as contract forms, document to sign, money transfer. Make sure that you understand these forms enough to right handle your client through the selling process.


Matching between buyer and seller. Everyone has his or her own way to search for properties, some clients are looking for an apartment with a garden but not looking for owning a duplex. On the other hand, clients are preferring to live in a specific area neither than any other areas near this location. The process of matching usually takes time when it comes to millions to pay in a property. If you are patient enough to anticipate what they are really looking for and you are grateful to let them know the projects that equally meet their needs through the process of buying or selling. If not, they are highly able to leave you and go back to search for more properties. 


Hone your negotiation skills. You will hear this many time when you work as a sales real estate. If you are not satisfied with a proposal, then don’t hesitate to use it. Review with your clients all the aspects of upcoming deals. Prepare them of the best-case scenario would look like to them, and also make sure to discuss the worst-case scenario that they are prepared to accept.


Stay abreast of local knowledge. The real estate sales professional has a better chance to succeed when he has intimate knowledge. But, being a successful real estate agent also means you have to educate your clients on how the market of the real estate goes on, trends, developers and best-case scenario. Being prepared for what looks like to them, and also make sure you are showing them the long-term investment value.


Network, network, network. You cannot work in real estate Egyptian market without depends on your network, so you have to start to build your own connections with your existing clients and previous client for a long-term period, keep following the news with them, keep diving into whatever interesting them. Real estate professional that is always growing your connections who will give back to you in times they will need you. Also, your network with your real estate agents also helps to keep your eyes in the market price and supply. Networking is a way to get something from all the people around you. Keep it.