This course provides an understanding of the fundamental requirements associated with selling of all types of real estate , including: residential, commercial, Resale..etc.

It will outline the distinct differences in the approaches taken by brokers and other stakeholders when selling specific types of properties. General principles will be applied but investigated in-depth depending on the type of property.

Module 1 Real Estate Investment/Commercial: 

In this module we discuss what is real estate investing, real estate investment ratio, real estate investment manners, commercial real estate investment and real estate leverage.

To being equipped with the essential knowledge and skills is important.
This module should prepare students well for careers in real estate acquisitions, development, finance.
The module prepares students to understand the risks and rewards associated with many approaches that may be used when investing in and financing both residential and commercial real estate.

Module 2 Prospecting and Lead Generation:

In this module we discuss The sales cycle, the Prospecting methods, key success factor of Prospecting, the Prospecting tools, Telephone Sales techniques, how to differentiate your offering over the phone , The importance of follow up, Metrics of a good sales call, Meeting Etiquette, What is the protocol needed for business meetings, The importance of an appropriate meeting structure.

Module 3 Meeting, Showing, Negotiation and Communication Strategies/Skills:

in this module we discuss the showing preparation, ways to build rapport in sales and connect with people, steps for successful sales meetings, need recognition, customer wants and needs, ways to know what your customers want before they do, buying versus selling, matching product values to customer needs, fears all buyers have, negotiation definition, seller/buyer goals, why improve your negotiation skills., the three critical variables, negotiation prep, strategies to negotiate more successfully.

Module 4  Handling Objection and Closing:

In this module we discuss how to develop stronger analytical skills, new models that enable them to understand both clients’ needs / wants. how to match them to relevant product USPs, the characteristics of top salespeople, the psychology of closing, how to recognize buying signals, the (SPIN) closing techniques, how to identify what's the meaning of closing, how to close using KASH technique, how to handle objections, learn different types of closing

Learning Objectives

  • Develop your Sales Career.
  • How to model success, skills needed for residential / commercial real estate Professionals
  • How to speak the Real Estate/Investment/Commercial languages
  • Understand investment ratios
  • Run sales calls professionally
  • Manage business meeting efficiently/ effectively
  • Develop customers need recognition
  • Know how to match product values to customer needs
  • Improve your negotiation skills
  • Master the psychology of Handling Objection/Closing

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Real Estate Investment/Commercial
  • Lesson 2: Prospecting and Lead Generation
  • Lesson 3: Meeting, Showing, Negotiation and Communication Strategies/Skills
  • Lesson 4: Handling Objection and Closing




4 Day(s)

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