Knowledge is the key to a successful career in real estate. At RECAP, we take pride in Real Estate agents' high level of proficiency.

RECAP consider it an important mission to provide continuous training. The better equipped Real Estate staff is, the better service they provide!

Commercial Real Estate encompasses all aspects of sales, leasing, management, investment in or improvement of retail property, investment property, farmland, businesses, industries, medical facilities and dozens of other types of property

This course is an introduction to the most fundamental concepts, principles, analytical methods and tools useful for making investment and finance decisions regarding commercial real estate assets

Learning Objectives

  • How to speak the “commercial language” so that you are able to communicate professionally with commercial brokers and investors alike.
  • Mapping the causes and flows of critical business issues throughout the organization.
  • Identifying target executives and mapping selling strategies and techniques
  • Learn the differences between the value, price and cost of any property Different types property value

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Commercial Real Estate Industry Analysis
  • Lesson 2: Real Estate Investment
  • Lesson 3: Real Estate Commercial
  • Lesson 4: B2B Real Estate Prospecting
  • Lesson 5: Meeting and Negotiation Skills
  • Lesson 6: Objection Handling and Closing Skills


3,400 Per Person 


6 Day(s)

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