This Training is designed for:

Those who have some experience at manager/professional level and are ready to take on a wider role. We use a variety of accelerated learning techniques to help to embed learning and enhance recall where it really counts – back in the workplace. Any theory discussed will be grounded immediately in practical day-to-day work.  Methods will include “freeze-frame” role-plays, case studies and self-assessments, and other practical activities based around real working scenarios

Learning Objectives

  • learned to make the transition from professional to leader by
  • Ensuring that you have all the core skills of effective management and leadership
  • Understanding what drives individual behavior and how to motivate and reward excellence
  • Truly understanding the culture of your organization
  • Exploring team dynamics and discovering your own preferred
  • Having a framework for implementing successful change programs

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Core Skills Required For Managing A Team
  • Lesson 2: Understanding People
  • Lesson 3: Team Dynamics
  • Lesson 4: Influencing Upwards In The Organization
  • Lesson 5: Managing Change Successfully


3200 Per Person


5 Day(s)

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