RECAP is an organization with market leading businesses and investments that provide services across diversified Industries. Using our strategic and operational expertise. 

RECAP offer an extensive scope of quality services and expertise:

Human development and training: (RECAP Academy) focuses to enhance the outline of the diversified Industries by delivering focused trainings matching the market need. Such as: Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, Call Centre, Customer Service, Management Development, Finance, Investment, FinTech, Retail banking, Retail management, Real Estate Commercial, Real Estate Leasing, Property Management….and more

Business development and consultation: RECAP’s mission is to create and enhance business strategy and operation cycle for corporate organizations. The first step of optimized business strategy is to identify and understand all of its parameters. Our holistic approach allows us to determine our client’s needs and expectations at every level, driven by the pursuit of perfection. we have established ourselves as the premier business management and strategy agency, delivering end-to-end Business Plan (Budget Exercise, Business Strategy, Marketing Plan, Sales Plan, HR Plan) that generate value across your entire business. In both a challenging and ever changing business environment, we are committed to providing our clients with honest, data driven feedback that sees our brands stay competitive, on trend and ahead of the curve. 

Marketing development and solutions: RECAP offers end-to-end marketing solutions that provides a complete and comprehensive scope of strategic and tactical marketing services for corporate organizations, Having an effective marketing strategy is the most important aspect of any successful brand. We design marketing tactics to engage, influence and inspire your audience, From brand and identity architecture, to digital marketing and communications, market research, content creation, lead generation, media planning and buying as well as events and influencers, we are equipped to provide you exceptional results across various channels and projects. We create thriving sales driven organizations. We ensure your sales operations turn reactive tactical sales planning into proactive strategic sales thinking, driving strategies to generate a robust competitive advantage. In turn, this creates increased opportunities for incremental sales success and enhanced profit improvement.

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