In this exceptionally competitive environment, the majority of retailers are still small to medium sized businesses – many operated by entrepreneurs with little training or education for the task. To survive, operators continually need managers who are familiar with retail operations to survive and become profitable. Students will develop a retail plan that is competitive in the environment.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how the consumers’ decision process affects retailers
  • Understand how changes in operational variables (e.g., price, COGS, demand, expenses) affect profit
  • Describe how technology in retailing affects all channel members
  • Understand both the theory and practice of pricing merchandise at the retail level – Markups, Margins, Bundle Pricing, and Rebates
  • Develop a retail strategy that appeals to a specific target market

Course Outline

  • Lesson 1: Introduction to the Retailing and Retail Types
  • Lesson 2: Responding to and Targeting Consumers
  • Lesson 3: Developing a Retail Strategy
  • Lesson 4: Location Analysis
  • Lesson 5: Store Layout and Design
  • Lesson 6: Merchandising and Assortment Planning
  • Lesson 7: Pricing Mechanics/Pricing Promotions
  • Lesson 8: Margin Accelerators/Strategic Profit Model
  • Lesson 9: Human Resource Management
  • Lesson 10: Promotions and Advertising in Retailing


3200 Per Person

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