Chairman Message

We take pride in being one of the pioneer Industrial consultancy firm in Egypt, having achieved remarkable growth and contributing significantly to the development of Real Estate Industry

We are motivated by a single-minded purpose: to advance professionalism. As a community of experienced professionals committed to high ethical standards and enriched education, we are well positioned to attain this goal. we aim to have greater influence interpreting and promoting the meaning of professionalism in real estate.

RECAP approach is clearing the way for more people in the real estate industry to gain access to our expertise. Our aim is to create more entry points for industry professionals to take part in our education and learn from us. We recognize that business is increasingly driven by, and dependent upon, new technologies, innovation and disruption.

Engagement of members and stakeholders is central to advancing our mission and vision. Recognizing that local volunteer leaders perform an essential function in motivating, retaining and rewarding volunteers, RECAP will research best practices and successful strategies designed to enhance the volunteer management skills and communication effectiveness of our Chapters.

A significant enabler of all the strategic goals is the quality of the relationships RECAP builds and maintains with stakeholders and allied organizations. We believe that mutually beneficial collaboration contributes to greater reach and more impactful outcomes.

Building from a strong foundation, RECAP charts an inspiring path and advances our work to a new level in some key areas:

We are sharpening our strategy to be one of the world’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired companies. Our goal is to be an unstoppable company that creates enormous value for our stakeholders, and the economy.


Tamer Mahfouz

RECAP Chairman